What Is 5E lesson plans | How Does It Help in learning?

In the world of tough competition, students are no more limited to bookish knowledge. More unique ways require to improve the understanding and learning of a student. 

5e model lesson plan is one such approach that requires the active involvement of both teachers and students for effective learning. Let’s see how it works.

5E lesson plan: what is it?

5e lesson plan is an enquiry-based model that requires students to process and find new skills by collaborating the prior understandings. 

It is an interesting way of learning new concepts, as it doesn’t involve any lecturing or situations by teachers. Students explore and share their understanding, clarify their confusion, and generate maximum questions out of it.

5E’s on which the model works

  1. Engage: engagement phase involves short and real activities like how a liquid turns into a solid and vice versa. It requires the involvement of students with their prior knowledge and understanding of new concepts through it.

Concepts could be easily understood by following the prior knowledge of students with real-life examples and high visual standards.Read More :Is Ev01 down.

  1. Explore: the investigation phase in which students are allowed to explore the given problem in groups. Discuss your findings and come up with the final solution. 

Many questions, confusion, and ideas will cover up their mind and at the end, students will have entire knowledge of that particular topic that they have explored with the prior knowledge of the concept.

  1. Explain: in this phase, students explain the data they have explored in the previous phase. Active participation of teachers is required to check whether the student is ready for further sections or more knowledge is required.

teachers can check this by asking as many questions as they can and clearing the doubts of students in much easier ways. They can also ask other students to put in a query.

  1. Elaborate: in this phase, students expand their conceptual understanding by applying their knowledge of the exploring phase to uniquely solve the issue.

Before proceeding further, students must be able to elaborate their understanding efficiently.

  1. Evaluate: students can evaluate their learnings in the form of reports, presentations, models, etc. In fact, teachers can conduct a quiz to check the understanding of students.

You might be using these phases as your teaching technique, but always start implementing it with smaller sections. Don’t mess with their sequences and use 5e lesson plan examples to make it more effective.

Teachers should have a smart plan before implementing the model

Generally, teachers find it a long process to teach with this model. But with proper planning, you can cover maximum topics with a better understanding of the students. 

5e lesson plans for science can make the subject interesting and motivate the engagement of students in research.

Final thoughts

5e model is not a one-day lecture, instead, it depends upon the efforts and dedication of students/teachers. You don’t need to follow the 5e’s for every chapter, use it to make topics easier and more understandable.

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