Why Does YouTube Say: Something Went Wrong

Are you using YouTube, and it suddenly says that something went wrong? Well, this can be pretty frustrating, and you might be feeling the need to know why my YouTube says something went wrong.

You do not need to go anywhere else to find the answer to your question, as this particular blog is dedicated to finding the reason why YouTube is showing you the error message that something went wrong and using what methods you will be able to get rid of this error.

YouTube is a platform that everybody uses, whether to listen to music, watch informational videos, watch movies, etc. and when such an error occurs, it can create annoyance among regular users.

Usually, we see that this type of error occurs when there is an improper connection with the server, when you are accessing an outdated application, or when you are trying to access a site that has been blocked in your region.

But don’t worry; below are the ways mentioned that will help you resolve the error you have been dealing with when accessing YouTube videos on your electronic device.

Fixing the Something Went Wrong’ Error for the Users of YouTube

Generally, this problem can be caused by a minor error or complication in the system, so the general fixes should be tried first.

Clearing YouTube Cache Files

Clear the cache or junk files of your YouTube application on your device to fix the minor bugs causing glitches on the server. To do so, you must get to the apps where you are supposed to locate YouTube and then hit on the storage option.

Lastly, you can clear the cache files by tapping on the clear cache button on the screen.

If you are accessing YouTube on your desktop, then you should first find the privacy and security option in settings, followed by tapping on clear browsing data, then select the all-time button and ensure that you tick cookies, cache, and other site data, and finish it by hitting the clear data button.

Updating or Installing the YouTube application Again

The next thing that you can try is to either move to the Play Store and install any updates that are there for the YouTube application or you can also first get the app uninstalled and then install it once again on your device and see if the error message is still coming up.

Checking Internet Connection Availability

A good and stable network connection is very much required for watching any video on YouTube; hence, you are supposed to take care of it.

If your connection isn’t working, you can try putting your mobile phone on airplane mode and then turning it off to see if you get internet availability on your device or not.

Or simply, you can opt for changing the network connection to a new one when the old one doesn’t seem to be working quite properly.


We expect that these steps have been beneficial for you in fixing the error on YouTube that you are encountering.

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