Roll the Dice, Win the Real Prize: The Magic of Cash Game Ludo!

Ludo is a board game typically enjoyed by two to four players, where each participant possesses their own set of tokens in four colours. The objective is to successfully navigate all the pawns to their respective homes while earning the most points possible. The online version of the game follows the same gameplay and design. This version has elevated graphics and gives a seamless gaming experience. Several online Ludo games allow you to play and earn money. Here, we will focus on online Ludo games for earning money.

How Do They Work?

Understanding how the online version of Ludo works is simple. Start your process by registering on an online gaming platform and creating your account. Most platforms offer a few free trial games to help you familiarize yourself with the game. When you are ready, you can play ludo with real money india against other players for real money.

The platforms generate revenue by deducting a small percentage from the winnings of each game. As a player, you won’t incur any participation fees. Instead, you can fully engage in your favourite game and grab the valuable opportunity to earn money through your skills and strategies.

Simple Steps To Playing Online Ludo for Cash

Here are a Few Simple Rules to Help you Understand Online Ludo:

  • Choose the Best Platform: There are several platforms out there that offer various bonuses and rewards. Choose a platform with appealing designs, bonuses, promotions, and easy withdrawal options.
  • Start the Ludo Game: To initiate a game of Ludo, begin by selecting your preferred board from various materials like cardboard, wood, or iron. The traditional Ludo board accommodates up to 4 players, but some boards may offer a 6-player option. After deciding the number of players and the board, each participant must choose a colour and position their tokens on the designated spaces. Every player receives four tokens to play the game.
  • Roll the Ludo Dice : Players roll the Ludo dice in a clockwise sequence. Click on the dice to roll the dice in online games. The player who rolls the first 6 has the privilege of commencing the game. In some cases, rolling a 1 can also serve as a value to start the game.
  • Advance the Tokens: Across the board, when you roll a 6, you can bring one of your tokens into the playing area. Roll the dice again to determine the number of spaces your token moves. If a player fails to roll a 6, they continue trying until they activate a token.

After placing your first token into play, you can release more tokens into the game whenever you roll a subsequent 6 (in some cases, 1) or advance the existing token forward. It is where your strategic thinking becomes crucial.

  • Capture and Protect the Tokens: Block your competitor’s token by landing on the same space it occupies. The captured token must be returned to its owner’s yard, and the owner needs to roll a 6 again to reactivate it. The player who captures an opponent’s token earns an extra chance to roll the dice.

Certain Ludo boards feature “Safe Boxes” marked with a star. Landing on these boxes                                  safeguards your token from being captured by your opponent. You can also protect your tokens by creating a block. How can you do that?

 Position two tokens in the same space to create a block, preventing your opponent from  passing through. Your opponent can only pass the block by landing on the space where you’ve established the block.

  • Secure Victory : Once your token reaches the homerun area, you need to roll the dice to a value required to enter the “Home Box”. Rolling more or less than the needed value will prompt you to move another token on the board or miss your turn.

The player who successfully moves all their tokens to their respective home boxes emerges as the winner. If more than 2 players are participating, the remaining players can continue competing against each other even after the first winner is declared.

Elevate your game with these expert ludo tips and dominate the board with strategic prowess.


In conclusion, the Ludo app provides the exact fun of playing traditional Ludo games. With more interactive options and high-quality graphics, you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. Additionally, they provide opportunities to earn money through them. You can use them as a source of additional income too. Choose the best platform and play Ludo to earn more money.

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