Native Shampoo Review: Unveiling the Truth Behind Natural Hair Care

In recent times, there is growing awareness towards natural and sustainable beauty products. Consequently, it led consumers to consider getting a product without harmful chemicals, formulas, and ingredients. Majority of hair care brands in the past included harmful chemicals like paraben, benzene, etc.  

Nowadays, individuals with great knowledge about what’s good and what’s not for their health read ingredients on the product consciously. From there, the demand for hair care products with natural ingredients has surged. 

Here comes “Native”. It’s a prominent brand of hair care industry which is known for its commitment to natural ingredients and sustainable practices. This native shampoo and conditioner review will uncover the truth behind their claims of providing effective and natural hair care.

The Native Brand Philosophy

Native – a hair care brand that is well known because of their priorities. They incorporate simplicity, transparency, and sustainability in their products. Native bring products that are free from harmful chemicals, cruelty-free, and packed in eco-friendly materials. This philosophy is aligned with the growing trend of consumers towards eco-conscious and natural alternatives.

Ingredients Matter

The first key selling point of Native is its commitment to using natural ingredients in their products. The list of used ingredients in their shampoos boasts a list of ingredients that is familiar to most people. The list of ingredients includes: 

  1. Lauramidopropyl betaine: This is a natural and non-toxic cleansing ingredient which is derived from the coconut.
  1. Sodium cocoyl isethionate: It’s yet another cleansing agent which is also derived from coconut. Moreover, this cleansing agent is proven safe and effective in one of the medical reviews published in International Journal of Toxicology.
  1. Glutamic acid: Glutamic acid is one of the best ingredients for a conditioner. Also, an animal study reveals that this acid promotes hair growth.

Regardless of these unfamiliar ingredients, a few familiar ingredients included by Native are water, aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, and various plant extracts. On the contrary, they avoid using sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances.

Performance and Effectiveness

It is obvious that many consumers are sceptical when it comes to natural hair care products. Consumers wonder if Native products can really match the performance of their chemical based products. Here comes Native that captivates consumers with their effective natural ingredients.

Besides, many consumers added that these shampoos effectively cleanses the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. However, it leaves the hair clean, refreshed, and softer.

Furthermore, some consumers have noticed that it provides relief to individuals with sensitive scalp and relieves them from irrigation after using Native’s gentle formulas in their hair products.

Although, Native might not produce the exact lathering effect like conventional shampoo. This is possible by its sulfate-free formula which doesn’t compromise its cleansing power.

Sustainability and Ethics

The brand’s commitment to sustainability is way beyond than the ingredients used in their products. This is because even their packaging is made from recycled materials. Native strive to minimize plastic waste.

Other than that, Native’s products are not tested on animals which makes them cruelty-free. Therefore, their commitments align with their huge consumer base values who prioritize ethical practices while purchasing hair care products.


Decisively, consumers are mindful of products they are utilizing and what their impacts are on them and on the environment. Since Native has been introduced, it has emerged as a one-stop solution for those seeking natural hair care solutions. With their priorities, commitments to sustainability, and clean ingredients, Native has become a compelling choice.

Therefore, it is believed that Native is one of the examples of brands that proves natural products can be both effective and ethical.Read Also:

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