How to Resolve “Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here” Error Message?

While copying the corporate data, if you have faced an error message that says: “Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here” then you have landed at the right place to troubleshoot it.

When you want to copy some corporate content mainly from platforms like Outlook or other email-managed applications, this error message appears. You can try copying the content by selecting it and then pressing ctrl+c and then immediately pressing ctrl+v to paste. This error code is mainly displayed to Windows users. If the message is appearing then follow the steps that are defined in the article to troubleshoot it.

About the “Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here” error message

This error message appears when you are trying to copy the corporate content from Outlook that is not copyable to paste on some unauthorized applications. Outlook is a Microsoft product, and Microsoft is incredibly particular about the security of users’ data. This is Microsoft’s Intune policy that restricts when you try to paste the content on unauthorized applications. Another reason could be Outlook copy and paste not working.

The option of Intune Blocked will block the path of copying and pasting the content between Intune applications.

Troubleshoot the error with our step-by-step guide

As you know due to the Intune policy of Microsoft, Outlook or similar apps doesn’t allow you to copy the organization’s content. But do you know if it is possible to troubleshoot this error message?

One thing you can try is to restart the application or restart the device. Others are:

1). Check for the latest version of the Office Suite

When you are using an outdated version of the Office suite, such error messages usually display. To get rid of them you must manually update the Office suite on your device (PC or laptop).

2). Necessary modifications in the Microsoft Intune’s policy of app protection

If due to Microsoft Intune, you are unable to copy the organization’s content then do these modifications:

  • Open the dashboard of the Microsoft Intune
  • On the left of the screen, on the navigational panel, you will see all the client applications where you will find an area for App Protection Policies.
  • Click on the “Create Policy” button to create a new one or you can also opt to update the pre-created policy by selecting it from the list.
  • Keep in mind to add the platforms for copy-pasting while creating a new policy or updating the existing one. You will get this option under the Settings menu> Data Protection> Data Transfer.
  • There you will find a row for “Restrict cut, copy, and paste for other apps”.
  • After adding the platforms, click “OK” to make the necessary changes.

3). Try to copy after making some changes

Try to paste the copied content on some brand new Excel sheet or Word file instead of the app for which you need the data. If an error still occurs even after checking the organization’s data access requirements then either modify the intune policy or manually update the applications. Or you can wait for a few minutes after restarting the application.

For Android users, long press the screen to paste and if using Gboard, click on the screen to avoid warning and press longer to paste. Or else try the above modifications.


Troubleshoot the error message “Organization’s Data Cannot be Pasted Here” with the tricks we have defined above.

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