Block Ads With Top Ad Blockers for Your IOS Devices

IPhones and iPads have an inbuilt feature with which you can block some ads while surfing. But blocking the basic ads is not what you may want. Even those basic ads are not very troubling. 

The troubling ads are trackers or information leakers. By downloading the best ad blocker you can block all the ads including image ads, YouTube video ads, or others. Choose any reliable ad blocker for iPad or iPhone from the list we have provided in the article after thorough research.

Features that a reliable ad blocker should acquire

As the malicious and troubling ads could harm your confidential information. so to protect this, use any reliable ad blocker along with the inbuilt iPhone adblock function. Let’s see how to decide whether any ad blocker is reliable and secure to use or not:

  • Block all the ads: A reliable ad blocker must be able to block each and every ad whether the banner, pop-ups, closers, etc. As a result, your web pages will load much faster.
  • Block the trackings: You may be required to manually activate this feature in some ad blockers. It should be able to block the trackers to make your moves confidential.
  • Customization: The blocker should provide you the option to customize your choice for allowing ads on some websites (may be on your own).
  • Support all platforms: Any reliable ad blocker will support all the devices’ OS along with the browser’s extensions.

Best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad

Now when you know the qualities a reliable ad blocker should acquire. Based on these we have prepared a list of them:

1). Total Adblock

  • Rated as best because of being a family member of TotalAV suite, whose name is enough to show reliability.
  • Free 7-day trial, charge $2.42/month afterwards.
  • Fulfil all the features as defined above.

2). AtlasVPN

  • Along with blocking ads on iPhone and iPad, it also came with a VPN.
  • Charge $2.02/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing an unlimited number of devices.
  • Compatible with every device and blocks all ads.
  • Protect your device from almost all cyber attacks.


  • It’s another free ad blocker for iPhone that provides a 7-day free trial and charges $2.30/month afterward.
  • Speed up your browsing experience along with blocking the ads.
  • Offers all the above features.

4). Avast

  • Provide various customization features along with blocking all the ads.
  • Charge $4.58/year with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Offers all the above features.

5). ProtonVPN

  • Charges $4.99/month with 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • It’s a VPN, ad blocker, block tracker, and malware protector.
  • Include all the above features.

Cleanersuite has plenty of informative blogs that you can read to troubleshoot the issues or to add up your knowledge.


Choose a reliable ad blocker tool to block all the malicious ads from your iPhone or iPad that can track your confidential information otherwise.

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