Debunking Sexual Sins: Masturbation

Debunking Sexual Sins: Masturbation

There are a lot of “sexual sins” out there. No matter what people say, there’s always someone out there attempting to judge another person. While it’s difficult to find a topic that everyone agrees on, it’s easy to find topics that people can judge others with. Instead of focusing on unhappy topics, like who has done wrong, or why people are sinners, it’s important to understand the importance of embracing your own sexuality.


Because one of the most integral ways to achieve nirvana about yourself and your own being is by embracing your own sexuality; one of the most important ways to embrace yourself sexually is by masturbating. Many religions that exist find the topic of masturbation itself to be sinful, but there are a wide variety of reasons that one should masturbate- even for medical reasons. Here are four reasons that people should masturbate on a regular basis and throw this “sexual sin” taboo out the window:

1. You learn what you like, and establish a connection with your body and mind

If you never open the topic of your own sexuality, how will you ever know what you truly enjoy? Why would you trust the opinions of people who have absolutely no idea about who you are on this very personal level? And why let them judge you? Unless you’re pleasing yourself and working with your own personal emotions and feelings, then you never know what your favorite aspects of love-making are, or what really turns you on. If you aren’t establishing these very important aspects of your personality, then you’ll live a very discouraging, emotionally draining life. Your body exists as it does for a reason, why subdue one of the best feelings that there is? Self-love is one of the most important aspects of your life, embrace it.

2. Masturbation relieves stress, tension, and helps you focus

Medically speaking, masturbation relieves tension, helps you focus, and makes you a happier person through the release of dopamine, serotonin and other “brain chemicals” that truly make you feel better. Additionally, people that self-fulfill are generally healthier emotionally and physically.

3. You’ll have more sexual, fulfilling, emotional relationships

Exploring your fantasies means you can share them with someone else, making your relationship that much better. If you aren’t finding out what really makes you tick, then you’re missing out. Take the time to indulge yourself- you won’t regret it.

4. Learn to Love Yourself- Especially Women

Women have an especially difficult time reaching climax. One of the most effective ways for a woman to fulfill her satisfaction is by masturbating. Scientifically, only 15-20 percent of the female population reaches orgasm through sex alone- so if you haven’t learned to play with that most sensitive part of your body, you’re missing out.