Knocking on Every Door

If you want to find a good job in London, you really need to knock on every door. Before I started to work for Chingford escorts, I really had a miserable time. I worked in everything from warehouses to pubs and did not make a lot of money. At one point I thought that I may even end up on the street as I had a hard time meeting the rent on my little studio flat every month. But I loved living in London so I was not prepared to give up.


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A lot of the girls that I knew when I first moved up to London were not prepared to put themselves out at all. They just expected everything to fall into place. I did not expect that at all and knew that you had to work for what you wanted. To make it in London, I was prepared to take on what ever I needed to do. Somehow I felt that life had given me an opportunity and I wanted to go ahead and make the most of it. I did not even become at escort at Chingford escorts straight away.

My first job with Chingford escorts was as a cleaner. At the time, I was cleaning the offices upset Chingford escort services in the afternoon to get some extra money. One day the office manager said that they needed a cleaner and offered me £10 per hour. I jumped at the chance as having another income was always handy. The first week I started to clean at the Chingford escort services offices, the boss was not there. He was on holiday with his mum and came back the second week.

As soon as Nick walked into the office, I could sense him. I was cleaning in the kitchen at the time and was a bit taken back when I sensed his presence. He was smiling and telling all of the staff in the Chingford escorts offices about his cruise with his mum. To me he sounded like an amazing guy. He did not notice that I was in the kitchen until the office manager told me. As soon as he knew I was there, he popped into to say hello.

Some people would probably not have bothered with the cleaning girl in the kitchen, but Nick certainly did. He came in and said hello, and said that he actually owned Chingford escorts. There was something special between us straight away and for once I could not stop talking about my life in London that I used to be a bit embarrassed about. It is now about a year later, and I am not cleaning offices anymore. As a matter of fact, I love in a nice big London town house with Nick and his ageing mum. As I have always wanted to be a florist, Nick is putting me through florist training. Let me tell you what, it is certainly worth knocking on every day to make a life for yourself in London.

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