Dating In London

According to the Better Sex Guide, one of the most exciting areas to date escorts in London is now London. This used to be a bit of a backwater for escorts services but now a new exciting agency has opened its doors. The agency is being run by a very experienced madame called Charlene. Before setting up London escorts services she used to run a VIP elite escorts agency in South London, but was tempted to move to London after a great deal of encouragement by agency bosses like bosses from The agency has now been in business for 6 months and so far things are looking good.

Madame Charlene is keen to introduce new services to the escorts dating scene in London. So far the most common service offered by London escorts has been one-on-one dating but Madame Charlene says that she would like to change all of that. She would like to give the opportunity to local gets to try other forms of dating such as duo dating and even dominatrix services. The first service Madame Charlene is introducing is duo dating and she has put together a couple of special teams. She is a great believer in a dedicated service so the girls who are going to be dating through the duo service is dedicated to it.

Anna and Suzi is an experienced duo dating team that Madame Charlene has recruited from a VIP escorts agency in Mayfair. They joined London escorts services a couple of months ago and are already getting quite a few dates. Madame Charlene says that signs are encouraging, and the two new London escorts are dating local gents as well as doing out calls in the rest of London. It helps that the girls already had a really good name when they joined the agency says Madame Charlene, and she adds that she really appreciates the girls hard work for the agency.

Madame Charlene has also recruited a couple of hot blondes to the agency. London escorts used to have a lot of nice brunettes but unfortunately the blondes were missing. Tina and Loulou are two experienced escorts from Richmond who have joined the agency and are now picking up more and more dates. Tina is a tall blonde who used to be a dancer so she has excellent physique. Loulou is petite escort who was a really lucky find from another agency in Richmond. Petite ladies are very hard to come by in London so Madame Charlene has done well in recruiting Loulou.

In the autumn Madame Charlene is planning on introducing a dominatrix service as well. She says that several gents have already requested the service so she knows it is going to be a hit. Now, it is just a matter of finding the right dominatrix escort to run the service in London. It is actually going to be the first dominatrix service in this part of London and Madame Charlene is indeed very excited. She is convinced that it will be a good service to combine with the many other new services.


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